Selling Guide

Check out these tips that can help you from the beginning to the end of the selling process. 

Preparing to sell

Getting prepared to sell your home can be overwhelming, here’s some advice to help you get started.

Preparing to sell your first home

Selling a home that you’ve loved and made memories in can be an emotional process. In addition, it will also take time and work to sell your home, use these tips to help you through the selling process.

Finding the right REALTOR® to sell your home

The process of selling your home can be overwhelming, that is why it is crucial to find the right REALTOR® to help you during this important time.

Thinking of selling your home? You have some decisions to make.

You’re ready to sell your home, but that doesn’t mean your home is ready to sell. Consider a variety of factors.

Eight questions to ask prospective listing agents

Selling your home is a major life decision, and the person you hire can play a significant role in helping you reach your goal. Here are a few questions you can ask.

Five ways to be a savvy first-time seller

Think back to when you were a first-time homebuyer. Were you excited but overwhelmed? Knowing what you can expect can make the selling process go smoothly.

Tips for being a smarter seller

While your San Antonio area REALTOR® is a tremendous asset in the home-selling process, being prepared and taking an active role can help lessen your property’s time on the market.

Five mistakes to avoid when selling your home

Making certain mistakes when selling your home can cost you time and money. Fortunately, many of these are avoidable if you follow the advice of your San Antonio area REALTOR®.

How will different types of buyers affect your sales?

As a seller, you can benefit from knowing about the different types of buyers you’ll encounter. Such an understanding will help you make the transaction and negotiations go much smoother.

Why you shouldn't assume the highest offer for your house is the best one

Before you jump at the offer with the highest dollar amount, consider other factors that will determine which offer is right for you.