State and National Leadership

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. -- John Maxwell

National Association of REALTORS®

2023 NAR Directors:
Kim Bragman
Will Curtis
Cortney Gill
Marty Hutchison
Lorena Peña

All NAR Directors may be found here (requires NAR login).


2023 Texas REALTORS® Directors:
Rich Alcorta
Kim Bragman
Rachel Briseño Bruno
William Curtis
Dwight Hale
Tracie Hasslocher 
Marty Hutchison
Mary Ann Jeffers
Kristi Maxwell
Mari Mitchell
Alisha Ritchey Alonso
Annette Slater
Ronnah Stabenow
Sheila Moran Stanush
Ron Wakefield
Reagan Williamson

2023 TREPAC Trustees:
Beatrice Briseño
Cortney Gill
Tracie Hasslocher

2023 Regional Vice Presidents:
Sara Briseño Gerrish
Cortney Gill
Jan Hicinbothom
Grant Lopez
Marquis Williams

2023 Political Involvement Council Member:
Kim Bragman

All Texas REALTORS® Directors may be found here.

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