The San Antonio Board of REALTORS® is proud to recognize the outstanding achievements of its members.

The purpose of this award is to recognize the REALTOR® member of the San Antonio Board of REALTORS® who has provided outstanding service to his/her profession and community.

Criteria: Nominee must hold an active real estate license; be actively participating in real estate on day-to-day basis.

Award Recipients:

2022: Lorena Peña
2021: Bizzy Darling
2020: Eric Johnson
2019: Patsy Oakley
2018: Dave Wilcox
2017: Mindi Stange
2016: Denise Graves
2015: Janice Tisdale
2014: K. Duncan Martin
2013: Diane Craig
2012: Karen Hale
2011: Barbara del Amo
2010: Jackie Galvan
2009: Jan Hicinbothom
2008: Linda Rasmussen
2007: Judy Dalrymple
2006: Mary Ann Jeffers
2005: Dwight Hale
2004: Judy Dunlap
2003: Missy Stagers
2002: Susie Lowe
2001: Florence Terrell
2000: Karen Nolan
1999: Beverly Paulette
1998: Mavis Brown
1997: Marilyn O’Neill
1996: Larry Nuese
1995: Ron McClellan
1994: Jackie Arnette
1993: Ruben Pena
1992: Barbara Zoller
1991: Lila Butler
1990: Jackie Rhoades
1989: Olive Bizzelle
1988: Sandra Arnold
1987: Patricia Farrell
1986: Charles Williams
1985: Hal Downing
1984: Kaye Biggar
1983: Bonnie Bottenfield
1982: Tommy Grundy
1981: Kathleen Scimeca
1980: Lorene Adkins
1979: Mamie Coldwater
1978: Ramona Paulus
1977: Betty Kerley
1976: Carolyn Hegranes
1975 : Bob Wood
1974: Frank Weatherbee
1973: Virginia McDaniel
1972: John C. Eastman
1971: James G. Longworth
1970: Alice M. Bonsignore
1969: Carl A. Nentwich
1968: Sue N. Weems
1967: Arlene Clark
1966: Peggy Hovermale
1965: Maxine E. Hammond
1964: John R. Kittrell
1963: Wesley A. Rochester
1962: Jim Mitchell
1961: Mrs. Rita Harding
1958: John Strosser
1957: Walter A. Goodwin
1956: Mrs. J. C. Fournier
1955: George J. Forster

The purpose of this award is to recognize the REALTOR® Broker member of the San Antonio Board of REALTORS® who has provided outstanding service to his/her profession and community.

Criteria: Nominees for REALTOR® Broker of the Year shall be Designated Brokers or hold 50% ownership in company and be actively participating in real estate on day-to-day basis.

Award Recipients:

2022: Beatrice Briseño

2021: David Karras
2020: Leesa Harper Rispoli
2019: Carl Bishop
2018: Jennifer Shemwell
2017: Cher Miculka
2016: John Craig
2015: Sheila Moran-Stanush
2014: Tim Brown
2013: Craig Owen
2012: Bob Jacobs
2011: Reagan Greer
2010: Steven Gragg
2009: Scott Caballero
2008: Susan Gibson
2007: Barbara Tarin
2006: John Crone
2005: Yolanda Maria Pearson
2004: Phyllis Browning
2003: Wally Folks
2002: Marietta Alba
2001: Thomas Patterson
2000: Patrick E. “Pat” Turner
1999: Annette Slater
1998: Michael Weiss
1997: Richard Prater
1996: Jacob Casanova
1995: Joyce Bradfield
1994: D’Ann Harper
1993: Chris Lark
1992: John Flournoy, Jr.
1991: Ann Johnson
1990: Don Hendricks
1989: Elaine Ludwig
1988: William B. Collins
1987: R. Don Canaday
1986: Ron Wakefield
1985: Bill Chapman
1984: Lauren Barnebey
1983: George Tucker
1982: Maurine Alexander
1981: Carl A. Nentwich
1980: Loyd Wakefield, Sr.
1979: Pete Cantu
1978: Ray Ragsdill
1977: George Leeah
1976: Marvin Kline
1975: Seymour Dreyfus
1974: Jimmy T. Rice
1973: Reese Henry
1972: Lawrence M. Rosow
1971: Arthur E. Baird
1970: Mazie Sale Hill
1969: Kenneth L. Browne
1968: R. W. Patton
1967: O. O. Collins
1966: Carolyn Graham
1965: W. S. Bert Watson
1964: Guy W. Chipman, Jr.
1963: Helen Pharr
1962: Bob Jones
1961: Eva Rosow
1960: Ralph E. Lehr
1959: Edwin Kramer
1958: P. C. Naylor, Jr.
1957: William Ochse
1956: Fred K. Turner
1955: E. T. Gibbs


The purpose of this award is to recognize a REALTOR® new to real estate who is thought to best exemplify our profession to the public and be a credit to our profession.

Criteria: This award is considered for REALTORS® completing their first full year of real estate within the calendar year (i.e. if an agent receives their license in June 2019 their first “Rookie” year will end in June 2020 which is in the 2020 year that the award is being considered). Nominees should be actively engaged in real estate on a full time basis. Nominees will also be reviewed on the number of transactions they have (to include listings, active listings, sold listings, and closed co-op transactions -this information will be verified by the office manager or designated broker).

Award Recipients:

2022: Justin Brickman

2021: Mariah McClure
2020: Kristine Trcka
2019: Leona Flores
2018: Aden Stiles
2017: Sean Parker
2016: Jeffery Shaffer
2015: Elizabeth “Bizzy” Darling
2014: Linda Zimmerhanzel
2013: Michelle Uhrig
2012: Ruben Villanueva
2011: Patricia Cottle
2010: Philip Becker
2008: Leslie Brewer
2007: Sally Garza
2006: Cathy Cole
2005: Patti Nelson
2003: Leslie Diotte
2002: Tom Blackburn
2001: Sunny Hinson
2000: Judy Dunlap
1999: Mary Kay Cassano
1997: Jim L. Parker
1996: Jim V. Miller
1995: Ron Elliott


This award recognizes a manager who has demonstrated innovation, service to the REALTOR® industry, commitment to associates’ professional development, and community service.

Award Recipients:

2022: David Taylor

2021: Erin Cestero
2020: Michelle Ellis
2019: Pat Busby
2018: Kim Young


This award shall be presented to an individual whose contribution to our profession and community has been made over a period of years. It shall be limited to active REALTOR® Members of the San Antonio Board of REALTORS®, past or present. This award shall be given from time to time to individuals who have established a personal standard of excellence which has furthered the goals of the San Antonio Board of REALTORS® and the real estate profession, and projected and promoted our profession to other REALTORS® and the general public.

Criteria: To receive this high honor, the REALTOR® Member must have given extraordinary service to the real estate/REALTOR® community. This award may not be given every year.

Award Recipients:

2022: Pat Farrell

2021: Missy Stagers
2020: Judy Dalrymple
2019: Liza Reyes
2017: Mary Ann Jeffers
2016: Marietta Alba
2014: Scott Caballero
2013: D’Ann Harper
2012: Bob Leonard
2011: Annette Slater
2010: Florence Terrell
2009: Ron Wakefield
2008: Tom Patterson
2007: Dwight Hale
2006: Pat Turner
2005: Wally Folks
2003: Jackie Arnette
2002: Sandy Miller
2002: Chris Lark
2001: Kay LePage
1999: Margaret Reaves
1997: John Flournoy, Jr.
1996: Joe Cullinan
1995: Betty Jones
1994: Ann Johnson
1992: George Tucker
1991: Loyd Wakefield
1990: Guy Chipman, Jr.


This Award is given for exemplary service to the operations of Property Management.

Award Recipients:

2022: Celine Cantwell

2021: Kyle Hendricks
2020: Lorena Jauregui de Birdy
2019: Brian Phelt
2018: Ronnah Stabenow
2017: Rachel Bruno
2016: Janice Lerma-Lozano
2015: James Alderson
2014: Stephen Foster
2013: Patsy Oakley
2012: Hoppie Cantwell
2011: Brian Birdy
2010: Riza Bell
2009: Amy Karns
2008: Marty Hutchison
2007: Mary Ann Crumpton
2006: Don Hendricks
2005: Kevin Knight
2004: Judy Hickman
2003: Chuck Manganello
2002: Leslye Baumann
2000: Stephen Foster
1999: Barbara MacManus
1998: Adona Lowery
1997: Charlotte Vaught
1996: Joe Medinger
1995: Carl & Jeannie Berg
1994: Jonnie Rushing
1993: Craig Acord
1992: Donna Jacobs

This Award is given to those Farm & Land practitioners who demonstrate exceptional commitment to professionalism and dedication to the industry.

Award Recipients:

2022: Louie Swope

2021: Robert Dullnig
2019: Ken Hoerster
2018: Ken Hoerster
2015: Jack Jones
2014: Jack Jones
2011: Marie Chappelle
2010: Glen Hoffman
2009: Jack C. Jones
2008: Jack C. Jones
2007: Jacob Casanova
2006: Frank Childress
2005: Kathy Moore Cloud
2004: Dale West
2003: Jacob Casanova
2002: Ritchie McCulloch
2001: Dale West
2000: B.J. Burton
1998: Joe Cullinan
1997: Jacob Casanova
1996: Joe Cullinan
1995: Keith Pate
1994: J. Frank Childress
1993: Joe Cullinan
1992: Joe Cullinan

This award is presented to a Commercial REALTOR® who has demonstrated outstanding service to the commercial real estate industry. The nominee must hold an active real estate license and be actively participating in real estate on a day-to-day basis. The nominee must be a member of either SABOR or an affiliated commercial REALTOR® group (such as CCIM or STCAR).

Award Recipients:

2022: Eric Schaffner

2021: Lisa Grove
2020: Lisa Grove
2019: Cynthia Lee
2018: Norm Muller

This award recognizes a SABOR member who has shown extraordinary dedication to advocacy and legislative efforts in support of the association’s positions, election activity or TREPAC and RPAC supported candidates. Examples may include but are not limited to: support for local or statewide issue campaign; TREPAC participation; efforts to increase voter registration or voter turnout; influencing public policy in support of private property rights; and/or promotion of local, state or federal Calls for Action.

PIC Members and TREPAC Trustees are not eligible for the Legislative Champion Award.

Award Recipients:

2022: Tony Martinez

2021: Beatrice Briseño
2019: Cortney Gill
2018: Lacy Hendricks

The Good Neighbor Award recognizes a REALTOR® who has made an extraordinary commitment to improving the quality of life in his/her community through volunteer work.

Award Recipients:

2022: Cookie Gehring

2021: Albert Alvarado
2020: Cathy Heshmat
2019: Rebecca Byers
2018: Mary Hall
2017: Roslyn Casey
2016: Greg Jones
2015: D’Ann Harper
2014: Katie Griffin-Ross
2013: Rob Hall
2012: Corie Boldt
2010: Isabella Chapman

This award is presented to a Builder Affiliate member who has shown consistent dedication to supporting the real estate industry and advancing the REALTOR® brand to clients and the greater community. This award recognizes a Builder that adheres to a high standard of excellence and is dedicated to supporting the members and objectives of the San Antonio Board of REALTORS®.

Award Recipients:

2019: Victoria Washington


This award shall be presented to an individual and/or organization whose contributions to our profession and community have been made through superior service. It shall be limited to current Affiliate Members of the San Antonio Board of REALTORS®. This award shall be given to recognize individuals who have established a standard of excellence which has served the San Antonio Board of REALTORS®, the real estate profession, and the community. The nominee shall have projected and promoted our profession to other REALTORS®, Affiliates, and especially the general public.

Criteria: Nominee must be an active owner, officer or employee of a firm or specialty holding Affiliate membership in the San Antonio Board of REALTORS® and be actively participating in real estate on day-to-day basis.

Award Recipients:

2022: Karen Schaffer

2021: Julie Young
2020: Gwen Derry
2019: Fernando Reyna
2017: Erin Stark
2016: Marla Luciano
2015: Gwen Derry
2014: Caroline Daly
2013: Melinda Hipp
2012: David Moore
2011: Amanda Tidmore
2010: Candi Meyer
2009: Christina O’Conner
2008: Jay Gilmore
2007: Amber Emerson
2006: Barbara Coker
2005: Jackie Galvan
2004: Roxanne Beavers
2003: Colette Jensen
2002: Lisa Zeier
2001: Ann Gatewood
2000: Nancy Kramer
1999: R.W. “Dusty” Dust
1998: John Neely
1997: Jean Marie Warren
1996: Dina Rathbun
1995: DeDe Jackson
1994: Vince Chacon
1993: Jill Keresztury
1992: Morton Baird
1991: Glenda Elkins
1990: Chuck Appleby
1989: Cheryl Range
1988: Sheryl Wengler
1987: Don Coker
1986: Janie Grimmitt-Martin
1985: Carolyn Wyckoff
1984: David Distelhorst
1983: Jeff Carver & Ginger Daily
1982: Betty Ramirez
1981: Joe Loper
1980: Betty Benavides
1979: Alex Halff

This award is presented to an individual who has given exceptional time and talents to supporting private property rights and advocating for REALTORS® in the local community. The nominee is not a REALTOR® member.

Award Recipients:

2022: Judge Nelson Wolff

2018: Gordon Hartman