Gilbert S. Gonzalez in a kayak on the San Antonio River.

Know Your City

Get to Know Your City with SABOR's CEO Gilbert S. Gonzalez as he tours various hot spots around San Antonio.

Poteet, Texas



Location: Poteet, Texas


Welcome to another exciting episode of Know Your City! 🎥🏡 Join us as we journey to the heart of Poteet, Texas, to explore the vibrant festivities of the Poteet Strawberry Festival and the enchanting Rockberry Ranch. 🍓🌟 Get ready to indulge in the sweet delights of one of Texas' most beloved festivals and uncover the charm of Rockberry Ranch's scenic beauty and agricultural wonders. 🌳🚜 Whether you're a local looking to rediscover the magic of Poteet or a visitor eager to experience its unique flair, this episode is your ticket to a memorable adventure! Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more exciting insights into our beautiful city! 🎉🔍


Boerne, Texas


Location: Boerne, Texas

In this episode of Know Your City, we take a short trip just north of San Antonio to visit Boerne, a growing city with a small-town feel and a modern touch. From the beautiful lake to downtown shops, this city has so much to offer to not only visitors but families interested in moving here as well.

TechPortSA Boeing Center


San Antonio Boeing Center TechPortSA


Location: 3331 General Hudnell Dr Acc Rd, San Antonio, TX 78226


In this episode of Know Your City, we take a look at the Boeing Center at Tech Port San Antonio. From a museum to an event center this state-of-the-art building has a lot to offer, so join Gilbert S. Gonzalez and Jim Perschbach on this amazing new tour!

Hotel Emma at Pearl


Location: 136 E Grayson St, San Antonio, TX 78215


Hotel Emma stands tall as the centerpiece of the historic Pearl District in downtown San Antonio. SABOR's CEO Gilbert S. Gonzalez recently toured the brewhouse-turned-hotel and learned about its interesting history.



Phil Hardberger Park


Entrances: 13203 Blanco Rd, 8400 NW Military Hwy, 1021 Voelcker Lane
Phil Hardberger Park is a 330-acre sustainable natural urban park, complete with a nature center, outdoor classrooms, dog parks, play areas, and trails for walking, hiking, and biking that will be used for generations to come. Hardberger Park is a natural area park, which is managed for its wildlife habitat as much as for people. The master plan calls for 75% of the park (about 247 acres) to remain in its natural state. This is the best place in San Antonio to feel the wild. With 7.5 miles of trails that connect to the 20 miles of the Howard Peak Greenway, there is much to explore. Hardberger Park is a great escape from the intense San Antonio heat in the summer, as it offers a lot of shade. When built, the park was divided by Wurzbach Parkway. Now, the Robert L.B. Tobin Land Bridge connects the two sides of the park and reclaims natural habitat over the six-lane highway. There are two main entrances: At 13203 Blanco Rd and 8400 NW Military Hwy. A third entrance, located at 1021 Voelcker Lane, is the trailhead parking for the Salado Creek Greenway trails and the Voelcker Historic Homestead.

San Antonio Mission Reach


Location: South of Downtown San Antonio, TX 78216
Breathtaking landscapes, grand artwork, and internationally recognized National Parks are just a snapshot of the Mission Reach section of the San Antonio River Walk. This 8-mile linear park has over 16 miles of trail along the river for pedestrians and bicyclists to enjoy, plus a paddling trail for canoeing and kayaking. These trails connect to stunning Mission Portals which are large works of art serving as gateways to the San Antonio World Heritage Mission Sites. The Mission Reach looks much different than the historic San Antonio River Walk and the Museum Reach. It is a shining example of urban ecosystem restoration. You may run into some of our River Authority landscape team members keeping the area free of trash and nurturing the native Texas grasses and wildflowers that provide seed, pollen, fruit, and nectar for wildlife. The result is a serene, natural landscape where visitors can enjoy the inherent beauty of the river. The restoration has also improved the San Antonio River’s water quality, ecosystem function, and health. The ecosystem improvements allow fishermen, birdwatchers, and other nature enthusiasts more opportunities to enjoy wildlife in an urban area.

Hondo, TX

The City of Hondo
Location: Hondo, TX
Hondo, Texas is fast becoming recognized as one of the most advantageously situated communities in south central Texas. As the Medina County seat, Hondo is located in one of the highest growth regions within the State. Hondo is a quality community, which possesses many desirable attributes. Gently rolling hills provide the setting for a quality lifestyle with an affordable cost of living. Excellent city services, outstanding parks and recreational facilities, safe neighborhoods, strong churches, and excellent schools all make Hondo an attractive community to consider as a place to live, work, or play. Hondo’s proximity to some of the State’s most popular tourist attractions, cultural activities and dynamic business centers provide convenient access to multiple experiences and interests.

Graff 7A Ranch
Location: 911 US Hwy 90 East, Hondo, TX 78861
Y’all come enjoy a family adventure with food and fun for all… in Hondo, Texas! Home of South Texas Maize weekends in the Fall. Watch our calendar for spring and summer seasonal events in the Dance Barn, too. Just a short country drive from San Antonio in the heart of South Texas.

Venatura Excursions
Location: 2530 FM 2676, Hondo, TX 78861-6072
Creating once-in-a-lifetime outdoor experiences. Over and over again. Our goal is to provide the most memorable outdoor experiences for our guests. To deliver that, we’ve collected some of the most unique and sought after properties in the world. We further enhance the trip by offering five-star accommodations and top-shelf hospitality. We believe that Venatura is so much more than a collection of extraordinary properties or another excursion company. Venatura is our spirit. A spirit that is in constant pursuit of providing the perfect experience for our guests.