Government Affairs

About Government Affairs

The San Antonio Board of REALTORS® is dedicated to protecting private property rights by advocating for REALTORS® and their clients. We work closely with city officials to monitor city ordinances, public hearings and meetings, and news and media in relation to REALTOR® issues as well as educate elected officials and REALTORS® about how public policy impacts the real estate economy. We utilize several forums, committees, subcommittees, task forces, and a full-time staff to achieve this goal.

Bird's eye view of the rotundra inside the Capitol building in Austin, TX

About SABOR’s Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee establishes volunteer liaisons who serve as conduits for elected officials to National, State, County, and local positions; remains informed of REALTOR® positions so as to inform governmental officials of the issues affecting the real estate industry; works with other organizations, community groups and business leaders on specific problem solving or issues affecting the community as it relates to SABOR’s public policy statement and as approved by the Board of Directors; monitors local, state, and federal legislative activity affecting private property rights and the real estate industry and keeps the membership informed; assists in the activation and dissemination of Issues Mobilization requests to membership; recruits and educates new volunteers in political and campaign activities; monitors the various school districts in SABOR jurisdictions and informs the SABOR membership about pending issues and elections of interest; and increases member awareness of the need for political involvement on an ongoing basis. (REALTORS® only)