ConnectMLS launches Enhanced Client Portal

ConnectMLS launches Enhanced Client Portal

In an effort to help Agents provide additional value to their Clients, access to an updated Client Portal will be available July 12! The new Client Portal, referred to as Enhanced, employs a consumer-centric design and retains all previous features with additional upgrades.


User-Friendly Look & Feel The Enhanced Client Portal features prominent Agent branding throughout and is mobile-friendly on any device.

Search Module for Clients Another feature intended to drive the value of working with an Agent is the ability for a Client to search the MLS from their connectMLS Enhanced Client Portal.

Saved Searches for Clients (viewable by Agent) Within the Enhanced Client Portal, Clients are also able to save and access searches with criteria that they create.

Streamlined Communication Features A log of all interactions between an Agent and Client is available to the Client within their Enhanced Client Portal

Enhanced Listing Detail Report Similar to the consumer-centric Search Filter design, the listing Detail Reports available within the Enhanced Client Portal also have additional features that are popular with Clients (including an Average Payments estimate and public documents), and intuitive ways to interact with the listing

The Enhanced Client Portal is optional but may provide Clients with a more user-friendly experience. While the Enhanced portal includes the helpful new features and updated interface described above, there are less customization options in terms of what an Agent would like to hide or display within the portal. As such, the Client Portal Preferences section of the Agent’s Client Dashboard that includes the ability to choose whether to hide or show items including Properties, CMAs, Social Media links, etc. is not available for Clients who have their default portal set to Enhanced. That information is rather shared by default when provided. For more information on SABOR Member Benefits visit