How an acronym may help you find the REALTOR® that is right for you 

Have you ever seen a REALTOR®’s name with a group of random letters after it? They’re actually important acronyms that can help you find the right REALTOR® for you.


What are these acronyms?

REALTORS® can obtain designations and certifications in specialized areas of real estate. These signify the person has gone beyond what is mandatory to earn a real estate license. To earn a designation or certification, REALTORS® must meet rigorous requirements. Depending on the designation or certification, this may mean certain experience in a specialty, attending classes, and completing coursework. 


What types of designations and certifications are there?

A variety of designations and certifications are available for REALTORS® to pursue. The list includes buyer representation, commercial specialties, residential specialties, resort and second-home properties, land brokerage, property management, brokerage management, seniors, international markets, and more. 


How do I know what the acronyms mean?

Any REALTOR® with a designation or certification would be happy to tell you what it means, but you can also search “designations and certifications” on to see a list that explains many common ones.


Who can earn a designation or certification?

Designations and certifications offered by Texas REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS® are only available to REALTORS®, not all real estate licensees. There is no limit to the number of designations and certifications that a REALTOR® can earn, and some people may have many.


What do designations and certifications mean for you?

You can benefit from working with REALTORS® who have experience relevant to the type of real estate transaction you’re involved in, or even your lifestyle. You may be able to find someone with the experience you’re seeking by asking for referrals from your friends or by doing some research on your own. Designations and certifications give you another quick way to identify a REALTOR® who may be perfect for you. 


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