January 23, 2022

Selling your home? Don’t let setting your price overwhelm you.

Setting a price when selling your home can feel like an impossible task. This is your home, the place you put money and time into making your own. The place where memories were made. How could you put a price on those memories? Setting a price that buyers are willing to pay, and you are still comfortable with can be difficult, but here are some tips for helping you find the right sales price.

The first step in finding that sales price sweet spot should include talking to your REALTOR®. On top of your REALTOR® knowing your area and knowing what houses like yours sold for, REALTORS® also see your home through a different lens. They can show you what potential buyers may see that you may not. Your REALTOR® will sit with you and listen to your home selling goals and needs and work with you to produce the best pricing strategy for your home.

There are many factors to consider when calculating your home’s sales price, including the square footage, location, age of the home, and how many bedrooms and bathrooms. There are other factors that affect homes values which are sometimes overlooked like neighborhood amenities and school zones. Your REALTOR® will be familiar with these situations and will have access to comparative market analysis which helps them guide you to setting a realistic asking price.

Current market conditions also affect asking prices. If it is currently a buyer’s market, you will face more competition and need to set your price to be appealing to buyers, you do not want them overlooking your home simply because of the price. On the other hand, if it is a seller’s market, that may allow you to price your home slightly higher than market value. Your REALTOR® will have the knowledge to help determine what market you are in, especially if you are uncertain of the market.

Using a REALTOR® who can serve as an objective third party while still having your best interests at heart is beneficial. They will help you focus on both the financial and emotional issues that you find important throughout the entire process.

Even after you and your REALTOR® find the listing price that you are comfortable with, stay in communication with your REALTOR® through every step of the home selling process and prepare to make memories in your next home.

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