Committee FAQ

Being on a committee allows you to contribute to the decision-making process, and ensure that the association has input from members in order to best serve their needs.

Applying to a committee is simple. Applications open in mid- to late summer and will be available online at

Yes, committee service is a member benefit.

All committee appointments are one year with the exception of the Bylaws committee, Multiple Listing Service committee, TRLP Alumni Task Force and TREPAC committee, each of which is a two-year term.

Per Article XIII, Section 3 of the SABOR Bylaws, “Committee Chairmanship is limited to a one (1) year term, excluding positions by default. Past Chairmen are re-eligible to serve as Committee Chairman after a three (3) year lapse in service on the respective committee.”

The committee application opens in mid- to late summer. Typically, those selected for committee service are notified in November or December.

No. Committee membership is a volunteer position.

Per Article XIII, Section 3 of the SABOR Bylaws, “The Chairman of the Board; the Chairman-Elect; and the President/CEO, who shall serve as an ad-hoc member, shall appoint committees, subcommittees, and task forces, subject to confirmation by the Board of Directors, as deemed necessary.”

Each committee is supported by one, sometimes two, staff members, who attend each committee meeting and assist the committee in a broad variety of ways. These include the conceptualization and implementation of activities, tracking follow-up between meetings, drafting agendas, minutes and reports, communication with other committee staff members, and providing general support in accomplishing the mission of the committee within the structure of the association.

Active SABOR members may serve on committees. However, some committees have further criteria that must be met. For example, when selecting for the Budget and Finance committee, a background in finance or related work experience will be considered; or with the Multiple Listing Service, prospective members must be active MLS participants. To read the description of each committee and its requisites, click here.

When applying for a committee, you will have the opportunity to select your first, second and third choice committees.

Members may submit applications for up to 3 committees, ranked in order of preference. Some committees are limited in size (Budget and Finance, Bylaws, Government Affairs, and TREPAC). If you apply for one of those committees, please know that because of the amount of applicants, you may not get selected. We recommend you apply for up to three committees, that way you have a better chance of getting on one.

Typically the most committees a member will be appointed to is 3, but depending on the number of members interested in serving in a given year and the demand for committee placements, and to ensure members have the opportunity to serve in at least one committee, members may only be placed on one or possibly two committees.

You can read the description of each committee here.

No, applications cannot be submitted for someone else. If there is a specific member you want to be considered to serve on a committee, he/she must submit an application.

To be considered for leadership of a committee, submit your interest to the Chairman and Chair-Elect of the Board prior to committee applications opening. You may contact them at and

A member of the Board of Directors is assigned to each committee to act as a representative of that committee at meetings of the Board of Directors. They are also available to provide input back to committees from the Board of Directors.


Vice Chairs do not need to submit an application for the committee for which they are Vice Chair, though they may be asked to resubmit their interest in ascending to the Chair position and that appointment is at the discretion of the incoming Chairman of the Board. A Vice-Chair wishing to serve on another committee will need to submit an application for that committee.

No, late applications will not be accepted or considered.

Committees meet in person at either of the SABOR office locations. At times, it may be necessary that some committees conduct conference calls or webinar meetings in addition to their face-to-face meetings.

Committee chairs, vice-chairs, and members accept the responsibility for carrying out the goals of their committee(s) when appointed, and attendance is part of that responsibility. Further, per Article XII, Section 4 of the SABOR Bylaws, “Four total absences during a calendar year shall be construed to be a resignation from the Committee.” There are no excused absences.

Committee meeting dates are on the website calendar at However, you are encouraged to confirm meeting dates, times, and locations with your assigned Committee Staff Liaison.

If you do not receive confirmation of a committee selection, you may reach out to SABOR at to inquire about your application. If you were not selected, SABOR encourages members to try again the following year.

Attend a committee meeting that you are interested in. Committee and Board meetings are open to members, with some exceptions due to confidentiality.

You may also consider applying for the Texas REALTORS® Leadership Program.

Attend SABOR events and functions to stay connected with other members.

If you have questions about serving on a committee or the application process, please contact