Board of Directors FAQ

According to SABOR’s Bylaws: “The governing body of the Board shall be a Board of Directors consisting of 18 REALTOR® Members of the Board, serving staggered three (3) year terms, plus any hold‑over officer, immediate past Chairman of the Board, and any ex‑officio member(s) as appointed by the Chairman of the Board and ratified by the Board of Directors. Ex-officio member(s) shall not be eligible to vote nor hold elective office in this board.” (Article XI, Section 4)

A Local Nominating Committee, consisting of 11 members, interviews eligible applicants for the vacant Director positions. A report of those nominees selected by the Local Nominating Committee for service on the Board is then presented at the annual General Membership Meeting. This report is also published to the members at least one week prior to the General Membership Meeting held on or before September 1. To this list of nominees may be added nominations by petition. If no petitions are received, the slate of nominees will be elected by acclamation of those present at the General Membership Meeting.

Please refer to the SABOR Bylaws, Article XI, Section 6 for the extended details of the nomination, petition and election processes for Directors.

Candidates for officer positions are nominated by the Local Nominating Committee. This slate is presented to the Board of Directors for consideration.

Please refer to the SABOR Bylaws, Article XI, Section 7 for the extended details of the nomination and election processes for officers.

Members interested in applying for the Board of Directors must meet the following qualifications:

    The applicant is currently a primary REALTOR® Member of the San Antonio Board of REALTORS® in good standing (per Article 6, Section 6 of the SABOR Bylaws);
    The applicant has been a primary REALTOR® member of SABOR for one (1) year;
    The applicant is not a member of the Nominating Committee that nominates him or her;
    The applicant has submitted to SABOR an application to serve on the Board of Directors; and
    The applicant has served a minimum of one (1) year on a SABOR committee.

Directors are nominated to serve a 3-year term. They may serve up to 2 consecutive 3-year terms.

For additional details, please see Article XI, Section 6 of the SABOR Bylaws.

Per the SABOR Bylaws regarding eligibility of Officers, “All of said officers shall be members of the Board of Directors, except as provided in this Article of the Bylaws, shall serve a term of one year beginning January 1 of the year following their election, and may succeed themselves in office if duly elected. No Director shall be eligible to serve as Chairman of the Board or Chairman‑elect who has been a REALTOR® member of the San Antonio Board of REALTORS® less than two years at the time of taking office” (Article XI, Section 7).

Applications for the Board of Directors are accepted once a year and when open will be communicated to members through SABOR’s communication channels (member website, social media and others). To apply, simply complete and submit the online application when available, and if you meet the eligibility requirements, you will be contacted for an interview with the Local Nominating Committee.

SABOR Directors are a fiduciary of the association. That means they have a special legal responsibility in connection with the administration, investment, and care of SABOR and its assets. This requires Directors to make careful, good-faith decisions in the best interest of SABOR and its members. Their decisions must be made independently and free of any undue influence from any person or organization, including any other association, MLS or brokerage.

Members of the Board of Directors have duties and responsibilities of governing our association, and the association counts on Directors to participate as we deliberate issues that impact our members’ daily business lives.

The Board of Directors has the authority to:

    Approve expenditures of the Association
    Set dues
    Set public policy positions as they pertain to the real estate industry
    Establish governing policies of the Association
    Approve member programs, products, and services

Typically, meetings of both the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors are held once a month (these are separate meetings). Special meetings can be called by the Chairman as needed.

Yes. Meetings of Executive Committee and the Board of Directors are open to members to attend. At times, the Board must go into executive session to discuss confidential matters and therefore guests will be asked to wait outside the room until that business is concluded.

All meetings of the Board of Directors and all meetings of SABOR committees, with the exception of the Nominating Committees, are open to all SABOR members to attend. However, at times these committees may need to enter into executive session at which point guests will be asked to leave for the duration of the executive session. Executive session may be entered into if the committee or Board of Directors are discussing confidential matters, legal issues, contract negotiations, personnel matters, security issues or other similar circumstances.

Members wishing to address the Board of Directors are asked to notify the Chairman prior to the Board meeting.