Tips for being a smarter seller

Whether you’re selling your fifth home or your first, there are many ways to be a smarter seller. While your REALTOR® is a tremendous asset in the home-selling process, being prepared and taking an active role can help you reduce stress.

Remember that you're the one who can provide the most accurate information about the condition of your home. Be honest and accurate about your property and its condition. Buyers want to make informed decisions, so your REALTOR® will also want to know details about your home such as its age, the condition of the roof and the hot-water heater, property taxes and more. If you’ve added energy-efficient or eco-friendly features, gather receipts, tags or other evidence of these green upgrades so that your REALTOR® can present them to potential buyers.

Don’t forget about disclosure

Under the law, you must disclose all known defects as well, not just the amenities. Most post-sale disputes and lawsuits center around defects and disclosure, and many of these disputes can be avoided if proper disclosures are made. That’s why most states, including Texas, require some type of formal seller’s disclosure. There are fill-in-the-blank notices available to assist you in fulfilling your legal requirements. You have to provide such disclosures to potential buyers on or before the effective date of a sales contract.

Even if you’ve resolved a problem, there are times when you should disclose its existence on your notice. Intentionally withholding information about a property when you sell can have serious legal ramifications.

Talk to your REALTOR® and make sure you understand your responsibilities. You don’t want to inadvertently leave something out and have to deal with expense, hassles and possible legal consequences later. Also, if you’ve had previous inspections done, providing that information to your San Antonio area REALTOR® can be a big help.

Understand what your REALTOR® can do for you
A good marketing strategy is important so that interested buyers know about your property. Your REALTOR® will be able to determine the best marketing methods for your market and your home. Here are some examples of what might be suggested:

Selling a home doesn’t have to be complicated. Staying involved in the home-selling process and working closely with a REALTOR® can make your experience stress-free.

For more information on buying, selling, or leasing your home in the San Antonio or surrounding areas, visit and use a REALTOR®.