February 27, 2022

How to Keep Your "Must Haves" in the Forefront While Home Shopping 

As you start looking for your future home, it’s easy to get lost in your dreams of a perfect home. Finding everything on your “must have” list all in one home may be difficult, but not unrealistic to have most of the items. Below are some tips on how to find your priorities and get the house with everything you need.


The first thing to help in this process is to create your “must have” list. If you are purchasing the house with a significant other, sit down together and create a list of the top ten most important pieces for both of you. This will help you see which items are the most important in your search. A one-story house with a large tub, and a fireplace may be some of the most important things to you. While other aspects may not be as important.


Your next step will be looking over the list and deciding which items can only be changed with a large home improvement. The number of bedrooms, floor plan, and square footage are not easily changed, so they will be the cornerstone in your decision-making process


Once you are finished with your list, prioritize the items on it. Would a big tub allow you to overlook the lack of a fireplace? Would you be okay with a two-story if it was in your dream neighborhood? It isn’t easy to make these decisions, but it will help you as you go through the house hunting process.


Take your finished, prioritized list with you when you are out looking at homes with your REALTOR®. Your REALTOR® will be there to help you find homes that match your priorities. Your REALTOR® will also help you look past the aesthetics of the homes and help you focus on your “must haves” list.


It is important to remember that cosmetic items like paint, flooring, lighting can all be changed, likely inexpensively, once you move in and shouldn’t be deal breakers in your home buying process. Don’t let these simple changes cloud your judgement on what otherwise may be your dream home. 


Having a list will help you and your REALTOR® throughout the home hunting process and can help save time. The list can also help in the final decision-making process. Are you prepared to find your next home?


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